My Story

I’m Rachel, the founder who, once upon a time, headed east and didn’t look back. At the time, I was travelling all the way east round the world so it seemed an appropriate title. The name stuck, although truthfully I’ve been north, south, west, upwards, downwards and diagonally since then! 

My career path hasn’t always been the smoothest. I’ve come from a background of military training and molecular science based jobs, to digital nomad. After a short lived military career (my knee wasn’t a fan of assault courses…), I began a role working as a support worker in a cancer science laboratory in the NHS.  I discovered after a year that it wasn’t for me: I needed to push myself more and try new things.

On a whim, I applied for a digital marketing internship in Bali and the rest is history. I moved to Indonesia in January of 2019 and spent the next 6 months living and working on the tiny island of Gili Trawangan, honing my social media skills and getting my divemaster into the bargain! 

After 6 months, I moved on, spending the remainder of 2019 driving across Australia and travelling home to England across North America. Throughout this time, I was sustaining myself with a remote copywriting position for a scuba diving website. 

Once I arrived home, I had two choices: try and carve out a digital nomad life for myself or start applying for office jobs. I guess it’s pretty obvious which I chose… 

Currently I am working from my home base of Southampton, England. I have a variety of freelance roles currently which span various niches and countries.

Want to know more about what I do?

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