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Rachel Thannhauser

Just your friendly copywriter next door.

Hey! Welcome to Rachel Goes East! 

I’m Rachel who, once upon a time, headed east and didn’t look back. At the time, I was travelling all the way east round the world so it seemed an appropriate title. The name stuck, although truthfully I’ve been north, south, west, upwards, downwards and diagonally since then! Find out more about my story here!

I am an skilled, experienced copywriter and I would love to help you grow your small business. I am also a bit of a social media marketing whizz and write a killer SEO optimised blog. Check out more about what I can do here.

I haven’t always been a copywriter though. In fact, some might call my career history a little… Diverse! In fact, I can list the military, biomedical laboratories, scuba diver and cake decorator amongst my previous roles! I truly believe that this flexibility and other skills learned from previous jobs makes me a more-able copywriter.

I am working from my home base of Southampton, England and when I’m not writing, you can find me picking up heavy weights at Crossfit, whipping up culinary delights, or making friends with the nearest feline!

Currently, I hold a variety of freelance roles that are based all over the world.

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