3 Ways To Be More Productive

How to be more productive is a topic on everyone’s mind, particularly if they work remotely. Here are some really simple ways to boost your productivity and blast through that to-do list!

Firstly, knowing yourself is really important. Whilst many “experts” claim that in order to be successful, you need to be getting up at 4am to drink a black coffee, our peak working hours are actually as individual as we are. Work out when you are naturally the most focused and then make the most of this time!

Secondly, a crucial part of being more productive is organisation. Makers of to-do lists are definitely onto something – writing things down not only helps you to remember things, but it also helps to prioritise tasks throughout the day. Being organised applies to your surroundings as well as your mind. Keeping a clear workspace, free of clutter and distractions can do wonders for your concentration!

Finally, breaking things down into manageable chunks can really boost productivity. By splitting up jobs into smaller, more manageable tasks, you are much more likely to get it done instead of procrastinating. This is also a great way of tackling a task which seems insurmountable. By picking one small effort at a time, you will slowly but surely chip away at that seemingly endless to-do list!

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